BBQ Ribs Three Coins Across - Jeremiah Zuo
Here is one of my favorite coin routines that my friend Jeremiah can often be found performing. It is a simple handling of the 3 Fly/Visible Coins across which maximizes each magical moment by reducing the number of coins in the hands during each phase.


The Contest: Poker Players Picnic REDUX - Ed Oschmann/Tom Dobrowolski
This handling of the classic lazy man’s ace trick makes the routine actually fun! You will use this....a LOT!


Poor Old Uncle Joe - Jack Carpenter
The ever generous and industrious Jack Carpenter has graciously allowed me to share this simple and fun laymen pleaser.


Streamlined Prediction - John Carey
My good friend John Carey so generously allowed me to share this prediction effect which I ABSOLUTELY love performing.


Blackjack for Brother John - David Kuraya
Richard Kaufmans described the Pinochle Trick this way in The Secrets of Brother John Hamman: ...four cards, lots of changes, and four completely different cards show up at the end. (p. 97) If you like the sound of that, then one, get that book! And two, you'll love this.


Right Down the Street - Tom Dobrowolski
This is my handling of the Out of This World plot inspired by the genius Dani's your life….


Hana Ho Card - Curtis Kam
"Hana Ho" means "Do it Again!" in Hawaiian. And Hawaii magician Curtis Kam uses this simplified moving hole effect to answer that call, it's a quick encore to any effect using a signed card that transforms that card into something just a little more special for the lucky person who gets to keep it.

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