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The World's Greatest Magic Magazine*

*This represents the opinions of the staff The Disclaimer and should not be misconstrued with a fact.


Monthly we put out a digital magazine. Tricks only. No advertisements. Basically it is like reading a chapter from a good magic book.

Every twelve months we put out a year-end hardcover book.


We goof off the rest of the year by covering the most important news in magic (and work hard at our respective professions)

If you sign on to support us you can get in on all the magical greatness.

Meet The Team

Real Pseudepigraphal Things People are Saying About
The Disclaimer

Always read The Disclaimer! - Dai Vernon

The Disclaimer is everything I wish my magazines were. - Ed Marlo

Reading The Disclaimer killed my father ... and it was totally worth it. - Inigo Montoya

The Disclaimer is the greatest Spider-man Movie ever made! - Tom Holland

I hate The Disclaimer - Vladimir Putin

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