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Those Who Have Seen the Light...

... always read The Disclaimer: the world's only trans-pacific monthly magic e-journal.*

*We assume. We definitely didn't look this up.

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How It Works

We run The Disclaimer through Ko-Fi. Ko-Fi is a Patreon-like service where people can sign-up to support us on a monthly basis. Sign-up for one of our three tiers and start enjoying The Disclaimer.

Supporting The Disclaimer

We offer three tiers of monthly support that you can sign-up for. Bronze ($6/mo), Silver ($12/mo), and Gold ($25/mo). No long term commitment, simply sign-up through the Ko-Fi link below, and then you pay on a monthly basis and can cancel any time. Ko-Fi supports Paypal or Credit card. Support us as long as you like and enjoy the magazine. You can also make a one-time donation to get access to just the current issue.

New issues appear monthly on the 15th of the month. They always appear as a supporter-only post on the Ko-Fi blog. Get'em while they are hot. When each new issue is released the old issue vanishes into the ether. The only way to get the issues is to be a supporter the month of releaser or to obtain our Year End book.


Bronze supporters ($6/mo) 

Get the monthly Disclaimer. Each issue will contain three meticulously illustrated and described tricks. The Disclaimer will feel like reading a chapter from a good magic book. You get to read and absorb previously unpublished magic from the likes of Curtis Kam, Jeremiah Zuo, Danny Cheng, Tom Dobrowolski, Richard Hucko and others!

  • Monthly Digital Magazine

  • Exclusive Discounts and Give Aways. 

Silver Supporters ($12/mo)

Besides the regular monthly digital issue, after supporting us for twelve months you will receive one of our Year End Books,* featuring all the tricks, routines, and sleights from the regular Disclaimers and some BONUS material that didn't see the light of day in the magazine. 

  • Monthly Digital Magazine

  • Exclusive Discounts and Give Aways

  • End of the Year Book

*You are entitled to the Book from whichever year you sign-up for The Disclaimer. Currently we are in Year 2. So no matter when you sign up this year, the Year 2 Book is the one you will receive after 12 months (or if you backpay to become current).

Gold Supporters ($25/mo)

In addition to the previous rewards, you will be getting a SURPRISE book. We have another big hardcover book in the works and Gold supporters will get it with the Year 2 book. Also, we will invite you to a Disclaimer Zoom Session every month (Every Saturday 6:00PM CST - 12:00AM CST). Come hang out, get the skinny on material not yet seen by any other magicians, goof off, watch us eat our respective dinners, you know, whatever you want... There are currently only 25 total spots available for this reward. So first come first serve. We will let you know when it fills up.

  • Monthly Digital Magazine

  • Exclusive Discounts and Give Aways

  • End of the Year Book

  • Monthly Zoom Sessions with the Gang

  • SECOND Surprise Hardcover book after 12 months


Any questions? We know Ko-Fi is new to a lot of people. It was new to us! Shoot us an email or message us through Ko-Fi anytime!

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