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The Only Questions You Will Ever Ask*

*Assuming you are not a very inquisitive person. Most people will probably also have questions about friendship, love, life, death, meaning, happiness, work, value, ethics, politics, religion, etc etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Have a Ko-Fi Account?

No. But you do have to go through Ko-Fi. And honestly making and having a Ko-Fi account makes it easier for everyone. We have been happy with their service.

I signed up to be a Silver Supporter later in the year, can I backpay to get the year end book ASAP?

Absolutely, if you want to make your subscription "current" just email us and we can make it happen.

Can I buy the Year-End Book if I am not a supporter?

No-ish? For now, the only way to guarantee getting a copy is to be a Silver or Gold Supporter. Any extras we will offer for sale to our Bronze supporters. If by chance there are extras after that, we will sell them to the general public. But that probably ain't happening.

Can I get back issues?

As of right now ... no. We do not sell back issues or make them available. The only way to get an issue you missed is to get the year end book.

I'm a Gold Supporter and lost the link info for the Private Zooms

No problem. These happen every Saturday at 6:00PM Central time, so just give us an email and we will get the link to you.

What's the Deal with your Magic News?

That's just us goofing off. We liked the idea of having other features in the Magazine, but we didn't want to fill it with anything but good magic. We also pretty much could only agree on satire as a feature. As with all satire, there is usually a bite to the form and that might be offensive...but as a rule we only punch up. That means if we poke fun of you, we believe that you are better than us and can take it.

I forgot to download an issue/lost an issue, can I get it back?

Absolutely. If you were a supporter during a month when an issue was released you are always entitled to that issue. Just email us and we will get it to you ASAP.

Do you email the issues to me?

No, the issues appear in supporter-only blog posts on our Ko-Fi page. If you are a supporter you should be notified by Ko-Fi when these pop up. Every issue comes out quarterly (June, September,December and March) on the 15th of the month. Even if you don't see a notification, check in every quarter for the new issue.

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