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Introducing A Short Study on Coins Across, a must-have for any aspiring coin magician looking to add some impressive coin work to their repertoire.


Jeremiah doesn't believe in deceptive advertising, so you can watch a full uncut performance of each in the videos above!


In 45 minutes of expert video instruction, you will learn THREE different Coins Across routines:


PZ Coins Across: a closed hand routine with a gentle and casual feel

Reframing Three-Fly Revisited: a visual coins across routine,


No Touch Deluxe: a hybrid that oddly combines the best of both routines and in which the hands never come together after you start.


All you will need are four coins and a shell**


 Don't miss out on this essential addition to your magic toolkit! On Sale for the First Week Post Blackpool! (Price goes back up on February 26th)


Upon Purchase you will receive a PDF flyer with the link to the google drive where you can download all your videos.


**And a good Two-Ahead Click Pass. Jeremiah does not teach his Drop Click Pass, but does cover the Kort Drop Click Pass, which is a great option for these routines.

***If you are interested in the Drop Click Pass, you can learn that in Jeremiah's Penguin Live Lecture, get them as a BUNDLE here!

A Short Study on Coins Across

  • -8 Video Files Containing Performances and Instruction

    -45 minutes total


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