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               Take the next step in your evolution from Card Sharp to Card Shark to Card Monster


A revolutionary one-handed pass hidden on an ancient record known as a DVD, once held in secret by an elite group of professionals and ardent students of card handling, has been developed, explored and evolved by one of its creators, the intrepid underground Card Monster Richard Hucko.


Going beyond the one-handed pass at the head of the trail, Hucko has developed the only one-handed top-to-bottom palm in existence, a single card shift from any location to bottom that happens in less than a blink of an eye, multiple shifts of card clearly and genuinely distributed throughout the deck, and visible color changes that dazzle lay audiences while terrifying experienced card handlers.

All of this and more is explained in precise detail by the only person skilled enough to learn all of the moves before teaching and illustrating them, The Disclaimer’s own remarkable Jeremiah Zuo.


In addition to the 70 page book when you order you'll be sent a link to a  52 minute companion streaming video of Richard performing and teaching some of the material, edited and produced by FISM winner Shoot Ogawa which was filmed at the beautiful Magical Mystery Show Theater in Waikiki, Hawaii. (Plug: It’s an amazing show with a vintage look and feel featuring top performers from around the world such as Shoot himself, so be sure to check it out when in Hawaii!)


While the card sharp will take your money, the card shark your money and your pride, the Card Monster would not leave you in such dire straits. Hucko has included six of his own routines, both close up and stand up, to show you how these techniques work in practice to make your life a little better.

Card Monster

  • -70 page Hardcover Book

    -52 minute bonus video

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