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Ginóskó (ghin-oce’-ko) is a Greek word that means ‘to know intimately.’ It’s the personal “knowing” only gained through experiences and relationships.


This first book by Maui Magician David Kuraya is a collection of original routines and true stories from his life featuring his closest friends and mentors. David’s hope is that this book helps you to remember why you became an entertainer, encourages you to pursue excellence, and reignites your perseverance and joy.


                                                           Welcome to Ginóskó!


"'Ginóskó' is a wonderful tapestry of magical artistry. David has blended practical techniques with profound reflections to create real-world, fun magic. It is a guide for the aspiring professional magician and a philosophical journey for the curious mind." - Jay Alexander

"This book touched my soul. David Kuraya's 'Ginosko' seamlessly weaves together performative material with rich explorations of theory, philosophy, and historical and spiritual insights. All the while, he honors the shoulders he stands on. The future of magic is secure in capable hands of talents like Kuraya." - Paul Kozak


"David Kuraya is the hepatitis of magic." *Edit: "David has asked me to expand on that. What I mean is that he's devastatingly infectious. The guy oozes good vibes and positivity that just stick to you. And now he's bottled that up into book form, where you can feel his smiles on every page. Nestle into 'Ginóskó' with some magic props, a notebook, and several vaccinations. You'll need 'em." - Tyler Wilson

"David Kuraya's work demonstrates that great magic requires dedication to craftsmanship and leadership. 'Ginosko' is not just a technical manual but a meditation on mentors, friends, and the power of faithful performance." - Jay Jayaraman


"'Ginosko' is an intriguing first work from David Kuraya --a talented and engaging artist — filled with thoughtful and commercial pieces of magic and advice." - Danny Cole

Ginóskó: Tricks & Collected Wisdom from a Magician and His Mentors

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