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Jeremiah originally published his T&R in an individual booklet and then as an extra in The Disclaimer Year Two. For sometime he has wanted to put some updates into print, as he believes they truly improve on what he initially offered. However, with all the Disclaimer work (and secret projects) he just doesn't have time to write and illustrate anything extra.


With that in mind, he decided a teaching video could be an acceptable medium. In general he prefers to publish in print, so getting Jeremiah to put anything on video is a rare treat!


New to the Genre?
-No gaffs or gimmicks, just sleight-of-hand
-Card ends completely examinable (No bluff restorations or real partial tears)


What's Different from Jeremiah's Original
-New Subtleties
-Updated Tearing Procedure
-Eliminated holding out in fingerpalm
-Updated ending: restoring the final two edges one-at-a-time


We don't believe in deceptive trailers. So we included a full-performance. This is what it looks like. If you like it, buy it. 


We are also including the original booklet for anyone who doesn't have it yet.


Video Download (MP4). 
Size: 3.26 GB. 
Runtime: 23 Min 17 Seconds

Hollingworth For Mortals AGAIN

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