Penguin Live 2 "This Will Kill Ya' the Magic of James Patrick Ryan"

“Jim Ryan was a likable person, great performer and a really good magician! On this lecture you will learn and be entertained by Tom Dobrowolski. He performs and explains of few of Jim Ryan’s most famous routines. 


Tom is outstanding presenting the magic of his mentor. Watch Tom own the room, be in the moment, all the while having a good time himself along with his spectators. To sum things up, Toms’s performance is FUN! Anyone seriously wanting to better their show needs this lecture. Hats off to Penguin.“


Bill Malone


“The spiritual ancestor to modern fun interactive close-up magic, Tom serves up a generous slice of classic Chicago bar magic as relevant today as ever. Historical and hysterical, this lecture will kill you!”


John Bannon


I am so proud of this very special lecture teaching the magic of my friend and mentor James Patrick Ryan “The Darling of the Geritol Set”, a true Chicago close up magic legend. This is the lecture I’ve wanted to do for 20 years! 


Cards Across- Jim’s handling of this classic plot WILL fool you and your audiences and is chock full of amazing magic, fun and laughs along the way. A show niece!


The Bill Tear- Borrow a spectator’s bill (or grab it off the table or bar top from a paid check) and rip it into pieces. When you see it you’ll swear the bill was torn! Jim had a LOT of fun with this and so will you!


Ryan’s Dunbury Delight- Jim’s fun and fooling handling of the classic “Dunbury Delusion” effect with a surprise ending where you’ll be “well on your way to the luckiest night of your life”. 


Al Leech's Red Hot Mama- If you’re not doing this trick you should be! It’s a modern day classic for a reason Jim’s version is the perfect example of and lesson in strong “Chicago Stye Close up magic”. 


Ring, Rope, and Wand Routine- A  borrowed ring is tied to a piece of rope. The spectators hold each end of the rope. A wand is also held by each end by the spectators. In an instant the ring shoots from the rope to the wand. You will learn the correct  handling Jim’s ring on rope tie which a number of folks have said is worth the price of the lecture. 


Ryan's Twins- This is Jim's take on a Brother John Hammond routine. Two Kings and two Queens multiply, vanish, transpose, and ultimately become just the four deuces.


10 Card Trick- The magician attempts to perform a trick with ten cards, but he always has nine no matter how many he adds to his packet. Eventually the tenth car is found in the spectator's hand.


Cups and Balls- Jim's routine that he perfected over decades of performances. You will learn a new take on some tips, techniques, and strategies. This ending will kill you!


Bits and Pieces- A few quick fun bits that can be done anywhere. 

   Ghost Catcher- catch a ghost in a dinner napkin

   Oops, Broke the Band- a quick broken and restored rubber band effect

   Good Night George!- A “goofy little rubberband thing” you’ll do at the end 

                                               all your rubber bad magic

   Cathy's Screw Finger Bit- A strange little phenomenon.


BONUS- You also will receive "This Will Kill You!" is a 40 page PDF that contains most of the James Ryan effects listed above, a PDF template of to use for the torn bill AND a full 30 minute performance before a lay audience at the world famous P3 Magic Theater you can watch with your family and friends!


This is NOT a physical DVD.  You will receive a unique download code within 24 hours with instructions to download this from the Penguin Magic website.


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Penguin Live 2 "This Will Kill Ya' the Magic of James Patrick Ryan"