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I really enjoyed your lecture last night. After I got home, I was talking with Max Maven about your idea ... Again, thanks for a thought provoking lecture.

Eugene Burger

I would recommend Tom's lecture to anyone. Tom has a very pleasant performing personality. More importantly, his lecture is filled with practical material. Happy I attended.  The evening was a lot of fun.

John Luka

 I performed Tom's Oil and Water this week as a closer, it played beautifully. The procedure allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of how you routine other effects around OiATER. This routine is a keeper.

Well done, Tom.

Mike Vincent

Your notes are inspirational.

Ross Johnson

Beyond belief. You have to teach me that one.

Marshall Brodien

It doesn't suck!

Kevin Burke

Star of Broadway's

"Defending The Caveman"

The opening gambit fooled me completely and consolidated my belief in the power of assumptions, the opening sequence was and is perfect.  Your routine had just the right amount of progression and logical build up to the big finish which caught everyone at the table, beautiful stuff.  The last time I saw an Oil and Water routine which had a strong impact on me was Darwin Ortiz's Ultimate Oil and Water, your routine is right up there.  Well done, on a superb and intellectual effort!

Michael Vincent

Okay, The Contest by Tom and Ed Oschmann:  Best. Party. Trick. Ever. Hands down, they've crafted the finest handling of the classic Poker Players' Picnic I've seen. What a great trick!


John Bannon  

Just wanted to let you know I've completed the OIATER manuscript, and played around with it to my heart's content! I think it certainly is a very practical and convincing routine. And I really appreciate the way you've brought it out of the "quick trick" or "puzzle" category by routining it to a full length presentation piece. I really like the ending it is a knock out punch that they will never forget.

And the way the routine progresses to "less and less" adds a great theatrical suspense . . . with a little comic relief. (Though the work that Jones and Zuo added is quite magical, I think the joke is perfect- they already know you can do some amazing "separations"- the comic relief is just perfect before the big finale.)

Well, thanks for the manuscript, and keep up the good work! 

Jack Carpenter

There are only a few of published close-up routines that are specifically geared to the standup performer that do not have the luxury of a table. If you like Wild Card, and you often find yourself working in a walk around situation, then [In the Hands Wild Card) is for you. The routine is extremely visual, has no apparent discrepancies, and no awkward moves. I really like this handling and have added the routine to my repertoire.


Allan Ackerman

I've always felt that Wild Card was one of the greatest visual card tricks of all time. My good friend Tom Dobrowolski has made a great contribution to the magical fraternity by creating and sharing his special version that can be performed without the need for a table. I look forward to adding Tom's beautiful routine to my strolling repertoire.


Tom's handling of the classic powerhouse Wild Card is totally professional, totally baffling, instantly resets and happens in the performers’ and spectators’ hands. In my book that's the conditions that make a routine totally professional.


Bob Kohler

The only other Oil and Water routine worth learning (that I’ve seen anyway) is Rene Levand’s. I looked at it on YouTube when I went home Saturday while yours was still fresh in my mind. I like yours better because it has a more theatrical structure. Levand’s is presented more as a demonstration of card control than as a sort of “phenomena” intrinsic to the cards themselves. Yours is the more magical while his is disguised control.

Both routines are clear, but I like the removal of two cards at each stage and the theatrical finale. You spread in two lines at the end, Levand in four. I think yours is clearer and the more unambiguous routine.

I’m looking forward to reading through the [Oiater]. I appreciate your generosity and admire your attention to the details of presentation.

David Alexander

When I first saw [Oiater] I was impressed by the clean, direct handling and the logic of the routine. It looked like magic.  After reading the method, I'm even more impressed with the craftsmanship put into it. I'll be learning it and performing it for my audiences!

David Williamson

Let me add my voice to those praising In The Hands. Tom has done this for me several times now, and it is always very entertaining and engaging. Practically speaking, it's great because it doesn't need a table. Magically, it has a terrific build and payoff. The script is tight and clever and the fact that the cards end up in the spectators hands for most of the routine is a major plus. This is well worth the investment. When you learn it, you'll be doing it all night.


Fred Zimmerman

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